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This was just the thing to put a smile on my wife’s face after she got turned down for a promotion she was after at work. Thanks for helping me lift up her spirits.

—Jon D.

When my daughter (age 18) moved out on her own, instead of giving her a housewarming present I gave her a Happiness Box. She was delighted—and I am, too.

—Celie O.

I wanted to do something special for my grandma “just because.” I mentioned it to a buddy at work, and he suggested a Happiness Box. She was ecstatic when she got it. The pleasure sparkled in her voice over the phone. Thank you, Happiness people.

—Wyatt N.

I was stumped for a condolence gift when my good neighbor’s mother died. I wanted to do something meaningful, not just a same-old-same-old flowers or cheese platter. Then I thought of a Happiness Box. Happiness—that was just what she needed. And it did the trick. When she rang my bell to thank me, her smile was sincere and heartfelt. Thanks!

—Emily T.

My former college roommate invited me to an off-season getaway at her beach house. I hadn’t seen her in almost 10 years and wanted to bring a SPECIAL hostess gift. My sister’s husband had bought her a Happiness Box, and she raved over it, so that’s what I bought for Suzan. Bingo! Perfect gift! Thanks so much

—Amy R.

My daughter’s long-time music teacher just retired. Her lessons have brought my daughter so much joy, I wanted to give her a gift. Serendipitously I found the Happiness Box website. What a find! The teacher’s eyes lit up when she opened the box. Many thanks.

—Sheila B.

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