The Perfect Gift...

For just about any occasion…birthday, get well, I love you, or just “thinking of you”.

Let someone know you care.


Introducing The Happiness Box

Thoughtfully chosen items to bring delight and joy to someone special…the most unique gift one could ever receive!

Once in a great while something comes along that is truly unique…different from anything else that’s out there. A gift so unique that it tugs at the heart like nothing else could. At the same time, it is widely acknowledged that what people want most in their lives is Happiness.


Addressing both needs at once…The Happiness Box.

Show someone that you care by sending him or her a boxful of delight. Inside, carefully chosen items that are designed to sprinkle Happiness in the life of the person you care enough about to send this to.

Wonderfully upscale and fabulously gift packaged this is quite possibly the ultimate alternative to sending flowers.
Who wouldn’t want a boxful of Happiness?


Happiness is not guaranteed. And when it’s missing in the life of someone you care about, wouldn’t you like to be the one to help them toward finding it?


Being a caring friend, relative, or beloved can be a staggering responsibility. You want to lighten your special person’s burden. You want so badly to help them feel better—but how?


Filled with an assortment of items to bring delight to their days and joy to their soul, the Happiness Box is relief from woes, sorrows, and burdens all wrapped up in a big box of gladness. Deliver “Happiness In A Box” for any occasion.


Gifts for All Occasions

You can be as creative as you wish!
You can personalize a message
as well as choose from
four distinctive themes.



Show Your Love

A Happiness Box Gift will bring smiles
for more than just a day.
There are sweet treats as well as
lovely books to ponder, and
beautiful objects that will be keepsakes
and reminders to your loved one
that you truly cared.



Have a Special Occasion?

Copy to come about how easy it is to remember all kinds of occasions or time when a friend needs a special something to show you care…


Win a Happiness Box

Drawing to be held monthly.

Send us a photo that you personally took of a “Happy Moment.” It could be of a single person…young, old, or anywhere in between. It can be of two people or even more! It can be an interaction of someone with a dog, cat or even an ostrich…we really don’t care. What’s important is that ALL have happiness written all over their faces!

Share the Happiness and you could be rewarded with even MORE joy!


Maximum filesize: 500 MB. Allowed extensions: jpg, jpeg, png.

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